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Re: Multiple-binary split between main and contrib

Zed Pobre <zed@moebius.interdestination.net> writes:

> I'm attempting to split the splay package into two binary packages,
> one containing just the splay related stuff and one containing the
> xsplay qt-linked X11 version of it.  I want the splay binary to go
> into main and xsplay to go into contrib.  Does anyone know if this
> can be done from a single source package, or do I have to copy the
> source package to a new name and then create binaries that way?

Source in main must be compilable with packages in main; so any source
in main can not want to compile a QT-based program.  Packages in main
must have their source in main, so you can't have source in contrib
producing binaries for main.

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