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Re: New maintainer - intent to package LAM 6.1

On Sun, Jul 12, 1998 at 10:18:10AM +0000, Andrew M.A.Cater [Andy] wrote:
> Following the post about Debina for use in clusters and distributed
> processing the other day:

If I could only convince my girlfriend that we NEED more then just
"Her computer and my computer" setup....I NEED about 7 machines at least
id love to experiment with this stuff....

> I intend to package LAM 6.1. This is a message passing implementation
> for use in clusters. The software is originally from the Ohio State
> Supercomputing Centre but is now being maintained at Notre Dame University.
> The software is fully GPL'd and is available in tarball format.
> the special packages as .debs

sounds good so far :)
> The Extreme Linux CD contains GPL'd softwsre packaged as .rpms and .srpms.
> Most of the CD is standard Red Hat 5.1: three or four specialist packages
> [beotools, kernel config, modified kernel sources] are _only_ available
> as .rpms / .srpms. The Beowulf people as NASA are using Red Hat exclusively:
> AFAICS there are no pristine tarballs. What is the Right Thing to do?

I would install alien and rpm ....then use alien to convert
the rpms to tarballs...hmm I think this works for srpms too (I know
I have unpacked at least one when I was investigating a package
I thought would be good for debian)

Then you will have tarballs :)
> LAM probably complements / replaces PVM or MPICH which are already
> packaged for Debian: each of these is a message passing implementation
> for parallel machines in clusters.

again sounds cool...man id love to play with these toys :)

> All advice gratefully received.

well its always good to hear about new packages (even if it does make one
contemplate ripping their hair out when they really want to fit it all
on a CD :) )

good luck :)

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