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Re: 2 packages using same conffile

On Sun, Jul 05, 1998 at 03:43:17AM -0700, Joey Hess wrote:
> > I could create the file in postinst if it doesn't exist, but this seems like
> > a Bad Idea<tm> for many reasons.  Is there really no Right Way to do this
> > except to leave them as two seperate files and have the user deal with it
> > however they will?
> I'm not sure how dpkg handles conffiles plus diversions, but that seems like
> the logical way to do it - both packages contain the file, and one of them
> diverts the other package's file out of the way.

It seems more logical I think to use the first one.  I was speaking in the
general sense to find out the policy, but the specific matter is the file
/etc/irc/servers..  ALL of the ircII based clients can use that file.  epic
uses it, epic4 (which I will be taking over and has prompted so many
questions here and in #debian) uses /etc/irc/servers-epic4.  There's no
reason to have 2 files.  ircii and bitchx could both use the same file, as
could several other irc clients supporting server:port:password lists,
noting that all but server are optional.  There's an optional :nick, but it
would be foolish to use that in a global file, wouldn't it?

The default for epic and epic4 is to have irc.debian.org:6667 in that file. 
But once you change that for a list, you want your list to be honored (ie, a
conffile) and my logic is that you'd want any compatible clients to use that
list.  David Welton commented that he never really stumbled across a good
way to do that, but didn't really have time to mess with it much either.

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