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Re: 2 packages using same conffile

Joseph Carter wrote:
> What does one do in a situation where two packages both provide the same
> conffile?  Currently they use different names for the file, but both
> packages can (and probably should) use the same file.  How should this be
> handled, both from a policy and from an implementation standpoint?
> I could create the file in postinst if it doesn't exist, but this seems like
> a Bad Idea<tm> for many reasons.  Is there really no Right Way to do this
> except to leave them as two seperate files and have the user deal with it
> however they will?

I'm not sure how dpkg handles conffiles plus diversions, but that seems like
the logical way to do it - both packages contain the file, and one of them
diverts the other package's file out of the way.

see shy jo

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