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Re: Greetings and RHIDE

Hi Boriel!

On Fri, May 01, 1998 at 10:56:13PM +0100, Boriel wrote:
> I've just became a maintainer, and would like to debianize RHIDE. Rhide
> is a Borland C++ 3.1 like IDE for DOS and Linux. It include many
> features like online Info help, integrated debugger, syntax
> highlighting, etc. It supports gcc, pascal, ada... (I really need it).
> Its distrubuted under GPL, however:
>     a) The binaries are distributed in rpm (red hat) packages (no
> problem)

 . Unpack the source
 . Add debian packaging informatin (debian/*)
 . recompile using (make -f debian/rules build) or it's equivalent
 . package it using (make -f debian/rules binary) or it's equivalent

>     b) The sources are distributed in rpm (after unpacking you obtain
> just .gz file on / directory ??)

No problem.

 . extract the .srpm
 . pack it as .orig.tar.gz

>     c) Parts of the sources are property of Borland international (Turbo
> Vision :( Borland does not allow its distribuition).

Ouch.  In former times Borland was known to be quite fair especially
with the Turbo-Vision stuff.  I really liked it ages ago...

You should

 . Contact Borland and try to discuss the license with them
 . Remove TV from the distribution of RHIDE
 . You may need to remove it from the .orig.tar.gz, to, as this
   one is distributed.

> I believe this program could be in contrib section rather than stable
> one.

If it's gpl and is based only on GPL'ed stuff, it may go into main.
But don't add TV then.  You may want to create a TV-installer package

> My question is: Should I have to recompile all the binaries to create
> the .deb file or just to repacked the binaries into .deb?

Yes, recompilation is NEEDED.  Otherwise we might be beaten by not so
compatible libraries between RH and Debian for example.

> I guess can do the second with no much difficulty, but recompiling the
> binaries will be a bit more complicated (in fact, It will require the
> Borland's Turbo Vision source, available for free in their ftp server).

Ouch!  But TV may not be distributed?  Ouch ouch ouch.  This makes it
a real hassle[tm].



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