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Re: 2nd call for help


On 9 Mar 1998, James Troup wrote:

> [ This is definitely not appropriate for debian-private ]

    Could you explain to me what debian-private is, then?  The
developers reference describes it only as a "developers only" mailing
list, the mailing-lists.txt says only that it covers
developers-to-developers issues, and I can find no other reference to
it in the other documentation.

> Why is it going to contrib?  Last time I checked packages without
> source went in non-free, not contrib.

    Because source is in fact provided (it's in the iraf-common
package, actually, full binaries are in iraf-ibin and iraf-noaobin) --
and in fact some of the source is used on-the-fly by the main program
- -- but it's a royal mess and very difficult get get to compile in a
single pass without a lot of manual intervention.  There was no way I
was going to be able to write conformant Makefiles before the code
freeze, so I shifted it from main to contrib so I could get it in at
all.  I used the .changes file from the iraf-common segment because I
thought that this would be more or less visible from the description.
    Yeah, I know.  I've been told before that I picked way too
complicated a package for my first attempt.

> How did you generate this .changes file?  It's hosed.  Also it needs
> to be PGP signed before dinstall will even consider it.

    By hand, from the descriptions in the policy manual, developers
reference and packaging manual.  Dinstall didn't complain about the
lack of a signature and the manuals gave me to believe that the
signature was required for the posting to the mailing list and the
uploads to Chiark/Erlangen, but not for Master.

[modifications snipped]

Thanks.  I tried that, and it does look a lot closer to the stuff posted
to debian-changes, upon inspection.  Dupload still doesn't like it,
though.  Bruce has suggested that there's a problem with not having the
original .tar.gz file.

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