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Re: conventions for packaging.

Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> Is this for the menu system? This sort of tool tends to be command line
> driven (is mtr?); do these really belong in the menu system? None of
> my command line driven stuff have menu files (guavac, atp, ...)

The interesting thing about mtr is that the X interface to it could actually
be useful from the menus. Once the window comes up, you have an input line
where you can enter the hostname to mtr to. 

The only problem is, if you just run mtr with no parameters, you don't get
the window at all. So to appear on the menu system, you'd need something
like "mtr localhost", which pops up a useless mtr to localhost, but you can
then change it to go out to any other host. I actually think that'd be a
nice thing to have in the menus.

see shy jo

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