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Re: making SGML package (sdc) sgml-base compliant

>>"Adam" == Adam P Harris <apharris@onshore.com> writes:

Adam> Christian, in /usr/doc/sgml-base/README.Debian, you say:

>> The location of SGML description files (DTD's, entities, etc.) is
>> /usr/lib/sgml . All DTD's should be installed in /usr/lib/sgml/dtd
>> , all entity description files should go into
>> /usr/lib/sgml/entities .

Adam> However, I suspect the package is not going to cope too well
Adam> with all the DTD files being moved.

	Umm. What appears to be the problem?

Adam> Do I need to be very literal interpreting your directive for
Adam> sgml-base?  Isn't it ok to keep sdc specific DTD and entities in
Adam> /usr/lib/sdc/sgml/, just so long as it's registered properly in
Adam> the that catalog file?

	I think the tools would continue to work, but as a human I
 like having all my DTD's in one location rather than being scattered
 all over. Since this is not a strong reason, I guess I would not be
 opposed to scattering the DTD's around if there is a technical

Adam> If so, then I can just use relative paths (../sdc/sgml/jdw.dtd)
Adam> when I register the catalog.

	Does the package not use the catalog file then? I thought
 catalog files were standard?


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