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making SGML package (sdc) sgml-base compliant

Christian, in /usr/doc/sgml-base/README.Debian, you say:

| The location of SGML description files (DTD's, entities, etc.) is
| /usr/lib/sgml . All DTD's should be installed in /usr/lib/sgml/dtd ,
| all entity description files should go into /usr/lib/sgml/entities .

I just took over maintenance of a package called 'sdc'.  I'd like to
get it to be sgml-base complaint, since then, for instance, the psgmls
emacs mode will work properly without having to set environment
variables (right now I do 'export SGML_SEARCH_PATH=/usr/lib/sdc/sgml;
export SGML_CATALOG_FILES=/usr/lib/sdc/sgml/CATALOG').

However, I suspect the package is not going to cope too well with
all the DTD files being moved.  Do I need to be very literal
interpreting your directive for sgml-base?  Isn't it ok to keep sdc
specific DTD and entities in /usr/lib/sdc/sgml/, just so long as it's
registered properly in the that catalog file?

If so, then I can just use relative paths (../sdc/sgml/jdw.dtd) when I
register the catalog.

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