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Re: My first packages -- some questions.

Thanks Manoj, Scott, and Igor for answering my questions.

Manoj, if you have that "Working set of rules files as a learning
example" available, then yes, I would like a copy.  You mentioning
mailing it.  That would be fine, or I could grab it off you web site
if you made it available there.

I have built my packages with debmake, but now I would like to try
doing it by hand.  Perhaps I will decide that one of the helper
packages is the way to go, but first I want to know what is going on.

I think that I will be able to manage the rules file (doing by
example, as Manoj said), but what I am missing is a feeling of what
utilities get run in what order.  For instance, is dpkg-buildpackage
just another helper script, or is it something that all but the most
ardent do-it-your-selfer use, or does most everybody actually use
build?  Is the big difference between debmake and doing-it-yourself
just implementing "debstd" line in debian/rules?  If that is the case,
then perhaps the outline in /usr/doc/debmake/HOWTO.first_time applies
to the "by hand" method as well.  If not, then I would love to see
such an outline.

Kirk Hilliard

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