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[RFS] odin 2.0.4-2 (closes: #985508)


I pushed a change to odin 2.0.4-2 on Salsa[1] in order to
address the bug #985508).  The debdiff against the previous
version in Bullseye is in attachment, changes merely consist in
adding a few missing dependencies to restore broken symlinks.

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/med-team/odin

Please consider review and sponsor or dm grants at your
convenience.  The package has no autopkgtest, so I will fill the
required unblock request to the attention of the release team.

Kind Regards,
Étienne Mollier <etienne.mollier@mailoo.org>
Fingerprint:  8f91 b227 c7d6 f2b1 948c  8236 793c f67e 8f0d 11da
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