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Re: Request for review -- radiant

Étienne Mollier, on 2021-03-19 19:10:08 +0100:
> Already discussed rapidly on the chat, but for people following
> on the mailing list: this particular test is different from the
> previous bug reports.  The key option to reproduce this is the
> flag "--fail-on-broken-symlinks", which is not set by default:
> 	$ sudo piuparts \
> 	        --fail-on-broken-symlinks \
> 	        --warn-on-leftovers-after-purge \
	        --no-upgrade-test \
> 	        radiant_2.7.1+dfsg-3_amd64.changes

Quick addition before somone else looses time on it, don't
forget the --no-upgrade-test for this kind of check, otherwise
piuparts would choke on the previous package version's broken

Kind Regards,
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