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Upstream permission needed to package machine learning preconditions (Was: guix-based installation of pigx-rnaseq - works)


On Fri, Mar 05, 2021 at 01:18:37AM +0100, zimoun wrote:
> Because packages are really hard to package (I have in mind Machine
> Learning stuff) and they will not be included soon, IMHO.  Then I could
> remove my Guix on the top of Debian and simply have Debian inside
> Guix. ;-)

Apropos hard to package Machine Learning stuff.  I recently intended to
package cython-blis[1] since it is needed by recent versions of
python-thinc.  It turns out that my packaging attemt[2] is not
specifically hard from a technical point of view (at least the package
builds and passes its test - it needs to be verified via benchmarking
whether it is as performant as possible) there is some non-technical
issue I would like you to read:


I have collected opinions of other Debian Developers who have touched
that package before inside my ITP bug[1].  My intention is to open a new
discussion with upstream and it would be really great if you would join
me in this from a different perspective than "just another Debian
developer".  So my question is:  Would you join me in this discussion to
get "permission" to package cython-blis (which is strictly speaking not
needed license wise but my per Debian policy I should not package
anything if upstream does not want me to do so).

Kind regards


[1] http://bugs.debian.org/984497
[2] https://salsa.debian.org/science-team/python-cython-blis


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