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Re: MRtrix3

Le 03/03/2021 à 20:13, Andreas Tille a écrit :
On Wed, Mar 03, 2021 at 04:45:02PM +0100, Julien Lamy wrote:

Would the following solution be acceptable per Debian policy:
- Keep dirsplit and its dependency gen_scheme installed in
usr/lib/mrtrix3/bin (current situation)
- Install everything else in usr/bin and resolve conflicts if/when they

I do not see any actual advantage between symlinks in /usr/bin and
the binaries somewhere else or the binaries directly in /usr/bin.
I do not mind actually - just do whatever works.

Just a slight hint that there is a Blends-workaround for name
space conflicts which is described for instance here:


Thank you all for the advice. Current HEAD builds, has been routine-updated and is lintian-clean; unless I missed something, it is probably ready for upload.

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