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Re: MRtrix3

Le 03/03/2021 à 14:50, Julien Lamy a écrit :
Hi Nilesh,

Le 03/03/2021 à 13:31, Nilesh Patra a écrit :

On Wed, 3 Mar, 2021, 5:10 pm Julien Lamy, <lamy@unistra.fr <mailto:lamy@unistra.fr>> wrote:
    All binaries are installed in /usr/lib/mrtrix3/bin.

They are being symlinked to usr/bin see here[1]

    Is there a reason I
    missed or may I move them to /usr/bin?

I do not understand the reason for setting up symlinked here either.
In principle they can and should be installed in usr/bin
But probably only @Yaroslav (in CC) could answer that question as to why they aren't and are symlinked instead.

I'd suggest that for "now" just leave it as is i.e. do not change any install paths

mrtrix3.links is actually overwritten by the override_dh_link rule, leaving only mrview being symlinked. I'll fix that for now and wait for Yaroslav's input regarding the linking in general.

The rationale is actually explained in README.Debian: some files names are too generic and present in other packages. I've re-ran the search for conflicts (for f in *; do apt-file search -x bin/$f$; done), and the only conflict as of today in Sid is usr/bin/dirsplit (also in genisoimage).

In MRtrix 3.0.2, most of the current bin files have rather specific names, although there are still things like "for_each" and "notfound".

Would the following solution be acceptable per Debian policy:
- Keep dirsplit and its dependency gen_scheme installed in usr/lib/mrtrix3/bin (current situation) - Install everything else in usr/bin and resolve conflicts if/when they happen

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