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Aw: Re: Re: Acquiring Dental RVG on Linux

> - Simple normalizations to utilize the full contrast and reduction in
>   brightness or any other manual adjustment to contrast and brightness
>   does not make up for less exposure in our application, whereas vendor
>   application manages to get it right with the same exposure level.
> - Gimp has an exposure adjustment filter, which does not help in this
>   case. It helps only as a refinement if the image is already somewhat
>   clear.
> - It does not look like any non linear adjustment is required - at least
>   at this stage when something very coarse seems to be missing.

In the field I find myself playing with the gamma slider
surprisingly often so it may actually be well worth a try
to manually skid that up and down to see whether that makes
things go in the right direction.

BTW that's


the one I'm looking at here.


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