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Re: Acquiring Dental RVG on Linux

Am Samstag, 2. Januar 2021, 09:34:52 CET schrieb Sonali Warunjikar:

> On Sat, Jan 02, 2021 at 01:32:32PM +0530, Sonali Warunjikar wrote:

> > Have to also check whether the pypng package supports that field.


> [1] confirms the pixel size to be 19 micro. pypng does have a way to

> supply it. Now it's reporting sensible distances, but have to check and

> see if there are calibration issues.


> BTW any idea, what "True (measured) resolution = 16lp/mm" means in [1]? It

> seems it's called line pairs per mm. Not sure how to correlate it with 19

> micro pixel size.


> [1]

> https://pdf.indiamart.com/impdf/22884448473/MY-16502350/dental-rvg-systems-k

> odak-5200.pdf


Maybe this is of any help :




"The maximum spatial resolution is described as ability to separate patterns of black and white lines and it is given in line pairs per millimeter ([lp/mm]). As theoretical limit it is described in the literature and com-prehensive that the maximum resolution is achieved if one black line is imaged on one pixel while one white line is imaged to the neighbor pixel."




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