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Sponsored and hints for more targets (Was: RFS pynn: fixed failing autodep8 autopkgtest (#959061))

Hi Étienne,

On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 11:12:25PM +0200, Étienne Mollier wrote:
> To change ideas, I had a look at a random package bug.  For once
> I picked a bug in the covid-19 bugs list and I believe I could
> fix #959061, affecting the package pynn:
> 	https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=959061

I've uploaded with a slight change - in your changelog the '#' was
missing so the bug would not have been closed by a simple upload.
Please make sure you pull the new tag if you keep a local clone of that
> As usual with me, there is a catch.  While all tests are now
> passing, I noted the autopkgtest command returns error code 8,
> which seems to mean that there were no non-superficial tests
> that were run, according to the manual.  Two questions arise:
>   * Would the current fix be sufficient for addessing the bug ?
>   * Would the error code be fatal for proper package validation
>     as well ?
> Fortunately, my prompt is rather noisy when error codes are
> showing up[1], otherwise I would have missed it; the following
> is present in my ~/.bashrc:
> 	trap 'printf "\e[31mExit code: %3d " "$?"' ERR

Hmmm, I admit that's beyond my bash knowledge - but I simply added
this and will see whether it might help. :-)
Good catch for the bug anyway!  Also a great strategy to pick from
the covid-19 bug list! :-)

BTW, for all those who intend to add some autopkgtests: There is a new
document to set preferences for writing autopkgtests.  You probably read
the thread where Jun was listing dependencies for nanopore pipelines
which are useful to work on COVID-19 issues.  I turned this list into an
UDD query and had the idea to feed another column testsuite in.  The
result can be found here:


So if you are seeking for targets that might in need for a test suite
feel free to pick from there. :-)

I'm currently busy to add the missing packages in this list.  In case
you are hunting for new stuf rather than test suites please announce it
here quickly to avoid race conditions.  I'm currently busy with what
is called vep in this list but addressed by conda as ensembl-vep which
I'll use as package name as well.

Please note that UDD is slightly lagging behind - there are some more
packages in new / salsa.  So you are well advised to check salsa before
picking from this list new packaging targets.

Kind regards



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