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RFS pynn: fixed failing autodep8 autopkgtest (#959061)

Hi Everyone,

To change ideas, I had a look at a random package bug.  For once
I picked a bug in the covid-19 bugs list and I believe I could
fix #959061, affecting the package pynn:


As usual with me, there is a catch.  While all tests are now
passing, I noted the autopkgtest command returns error code 8,
which seems to mean that there were no non-superficial tests
that were run, according to the manual.  Two questions arise:
  * Would the current fix be sufficient for addessing the bug ?
  * Would the error code be fatal for proper package validation
    as well ?

Fortunately, my prompt is rather noisy when error codes are
showing up[1], otherwise I would have missed it; the following
is present in my ~/.bashrc:

	trap 'printf "\e[31mExit code: %3d " "$?"' ERR

Have a nice day,  :)
Étienne Mollier <etienne.mollier@mailoo.org>
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