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Re: Idea wanted: What is the most key open source projects to fight COVID-19?

Hi Steffen,

Thanks for sharing the information.

> > The 3 pipelines nf-core/nanoseq,
> https://github.com/nf-core/nanoseq
> Not the workflow is in Debian, but most of the tools it uses. Missing is
> only the optional route embracing

I think the nf-core/nanoseq and other nf-core pipelines themselves are
not in Debian. Because I think Nextflow is not in Debian now.

> also listed above. Ubiquitous tools aside, like R or cat, they should be
> listed on https://blends.debian.org/med/tasks/bio.

That helps!

I am trying to summarize the status of the tools on the Google
spreadsheet. Can you see it?
Maybe I will let you know the status after finishing the work.

Bio RPM/Deb COVID-19 Dependencies


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