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Re: Packaging libsis-jhdf5-java -- help needed

Hi Gilles,

Le 01/05/2020 à 01:12, Gilles Filippini a écrit :
> Pierre Gruet a écrit le 30/04/2020 à 23:45 :
>> Thanks for looking at the issue and proposing a fix. It is very helpful!
>> I will thus look at it and investigate further the failures that remain.
> This package looks weird. Where does the mix-up between libhdf5-java and
> libsis-jhdf5-java come from? There shouldn't have any dependency to
> libhdf5-java as I understand it. The tests failures come from this
> confusion.
> Using the attached patch, the package builds correctly and only 10
> failing test cases remain.
> BTW the override_dh_auto_clean target should be reintroduced.
> Best,
> _g.

Thank you for this additional feedback.
Concerning the mix-up, upstream was previously using a file from hdf5 to
build sis-jhdf5, I removed it some days ago.
I introduced other dependencies at that time and did not remove them...
thanks for your patch thus!

I was planning to consider a full refresh of debian/rules, including

Best regards,

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