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Re: [Scitech] Synergies when doing ports from Python2 to Python3

On Thu, Dec 19, 2019 at 6:23 PM Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> wrote:
> Hi,
> in the Debian Med team (and also Debian Science) we are quite busy to
> port software from Python2 to Python3 to save it from Python2 end of
> life.  Usually we forward our patches upstream or work together with
> upstream to do the port.  However, in case of unresponsive or known to
> be dead upstream we are on our own.
> I'd love to coordinate the porting work a bit.  All packages of the
> Debian Med team can be found at
>    https://salsa.debian.org/med-team/
> and the patches dealing with Python3 ports in most cases are named
> 2to3.patch.  Since Debian packages are using quilt patches you can
> usually find a patch in
>    https://salsa.debian.org/med-team/ __PACKAGENAME__  /blob/master/debian/patches/2to3.patch
> Please feel free to cherry pick from there.  We would be really
> interested if you find issues in those patches - so please let us

Hi Andreas.
Thank you for sharing the situation.
I am happy to help something to thrive our biology open ecosystem.

I am Jun Aruga talked who communicated with you about bowtie2 and
simde in Debian Med community in the past,
and also had claimed for the simde deb packaging and gave up the simde
deb packaging recently.

Is there a way to list up all the deb packages that needs Python3
ports (= currently depending on "python" deb package on master
branch?) in all the packages of Debian Med team?

python deb package (= python 2.7)

In Fedora Project, here is the command to list up all the RPM packages
that needs Python3 ports on rawhide (= master branch).
This command is checking the "built" RPM packages depending on
"python" RPM (= python 2.7).
Actually patched and not built RPM packages are also listed up by the command.

$ dnf repoquery --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=rawhide --enablerepo
rawhide-source --whatrequires python

1. all the deb packages depending on "python" deb package (= packages
needing Python 3 ports) (= group A)
2. all the deb packages in Debian Med group (= group B)
3. all the deb packages needing Python3 ports (= group C) = group A & group B

Can we listed up "3." automatically by script or something?
Because checking each repository is hard.

> know.  As usual you can find a human readable list of Debian Med
> packages here:
>    https://blends.debian.org/med/tasks/bio      (Biology)
>    https://blends.debian.org/med/tasks/bio-dev  (Biology development)

Out of curiosity, what is the difference between Biology and Biology
development task?

> In this field are the most packages we are talking about.
> If you might know further interested parties to coordinate, we would
> be happy to know.  If you could explain where to find possible patches
> you might have developed for Fedora this would also be interesting to
> know.
> Kind regards
>        Andreas.
> --
> http://fam-tille.de
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Kind regards,

Jun | He - His - Him

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