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Refs to Conda - giving it a try after meeting Björn at a conference


I just met Björn from the Conda community over here at the GCB in Heidelberg. Over some sweet cake we agreed that it would be good to mutually reference our packages. And we find that it would be mutually beneficial to develop some training material that references both conda and Debian packages, allowing the focus to remain on the biology. The idea is to allow for the smoothest possible transition from "Jugend forscht!"-/hobby/student side projects to HPC environments and back, like to explain results to the public. We had also some early thoughts about how to help automating the exchange of links with some inter-distributional bots, also involving the github-reinvented bio.tools. Does anybody of folks reading this attend their upcoming BioHackathon in Paris?

You are all up for this, right?

I saw Björn do first pull requests towards the mutual links and have created a bunch on my own now - a* and b* should be complete. @Andreas, could you please perform your magic on integrating that data with the udd? And did I do the modification of the blends' task page correctly?

Many thanks and greetings,

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