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Re: [MoM] simka package status and bedops

On Mon, Sep 16, 2019 at 04:53:07PM +0100, Shayan Doust wrote:
> Hello Andreas,
> > For the packaging result: Lintian claims duplicated short description.
> > This should be probably fixed.
> Done.
> > I also noticed that the executable /usr/bin/simkaMinCore is in package
> > simka (not simkamin).  This looks somehow suspicious to me.  Please
> > check and if you realise it belongs to the other package Architecture
> > needs to be set back to any.
> I know, the name itself is misleading. simkaMinCore in fact belongs to
> the simka c++ project and not simkamin itself.
> Reverified this by cloning from upstream, removing simkaMin folder and
> watching for binary generation.

> Also, do I need to file for two ITP bugs (simka and simkamin) as lintian
> reports missing ITP bugs for both simka and simkamin? I think maybe that
> one bug report to simka should satisfy any subprojects under the same
> repository.

ITPs will be files per source package.  I'd recommend


It just does what you want. ;-)

Kind regards



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