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Fixing bugs (Was: [MoM] FAST test suite issues)

Hi Shayan,

On Thu, Sep 05, 2019 at 10:52:43PM +0100, Shayan Doust wrote:
> I have seen a lot of reports against packages still needing python3
> support (dropping python2 as documented on 2Removal),

Yes, these are pending since come days.

> so maybe I can
> focus on this as a start; for instance packages like lefse.

OK, just take this for a start.

> Though, are
> there tags to send to the bug report system to "take over" a bug to
> prevent two people working on something at once?

That's a good question.  I remember that happened for me once in more
than 20 years.  So the problem of a racing condition in fixing a bug
is not very frequent.  I'd think just answering the bug with "I'll take
over" might be sufficient to keep other potential reporters away.  Just
make sure to tag it help (via

   Control: tags -1 help

in case you  might stumble upon some problems and report that problem
to "give it back".

> > I've seen your commits.  Thanks.
> :)

Kind regards



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