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Re: w1bw introduction


On 23.02.19 21:05, Andreas Tille wrote:
Hi Bruce,

On Sat, Feb 23, 2019 at 10:04:18AM -0500, Bruce Walker wrote:
Debin-Med team,

I wanted to introduce myself with the intent of helping out.

I was a DD back in the 2000s (retired emeritus), and I'm interested in
becoming active again. I've also done quite a bit of scientific computing
in general and computational biology in particular, especially genome
assembly, assembly improvement, and variant calling software (e.g., Pilon
is a tool I wrote and published about 5 years ago and still maintain, and
it looks as if this group recently packaged it).
I propose you find some biological theme that is of your interest and
we see that we get the tools together to establish a reasonable
Open Source workflow towards it. We have a few genome assemblers from
a few years ago but I admit not to know where the state of the art is as of today.



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