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Re: w1bw introduction

Hi Bruce,

On Sat, Feb 23, 2019 at 10:04:18AM -0500, Bruce Walker wrote:
> Debin-Med team,
> I wanted to introduce myself with the intent of helping out.
> I was a DD back in the 2000s (retired emeritus), and I'm interested in
> becoming active again. I've also done quite a bit of scientific computing
> in general and computational biology in particular, especially genome
> assembly, assembly improvement, and variant calling software (e.g., Pilon
> is a tool I wrote and published about 5 years ago and still maintain, and
> it looks as if this group recently packaged it).

Yes, we did.  Do you want to add yourself as Uploader for this package?
> For the moment, I am monitoring the list and re-familiarizing myself with
> DD processes. If there's anything urgent, I can try to jump in, meanwhile
> I'll be getting up to speed.

I think we are in a quite good shape.  Regarding pilon itself I had some
trouble with Pilon in the first place since Scala is in a bad shape
inside Debian (there is a recent discussion on debian-java list).  May
be if you have some background with Scala and Java and can help there.
We have definitely some need of people with some skills in Java and some
open packaging tasks.  It would be great if you could join that effort.
To get started in the team it would be good to register on
salsa.debian.org and apply for Debian Med team membership.

> --bruce (formerly w1bw@debian.org)

As far as I know becoming an active DD from emeritus status should not
be that hard.

Thanks a lot for your interest and welcome in the team



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