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Re: problem with Abyss

Hi Tony,

On Thu, Feb 14, 2019 at 07:27:16PM +0000, Tony Travis wrote:
> On 14/02/2019 17:14, Andreas Tille wrote:
> > I have no idea about the Ubuntu version but the stretch version is
> > 2.0.2-2 which sounds pretty close.  My guess is that the build system
> > has some tweaks we missed to call to create ABYSS-P.  Since I'm
> > currently swamped with other stuff:  Would you mind filing a bug report
> > via
> >       reportbug abyss
> Well, "reportbug" notified me that a newer version of abyss 2.1.5-4 is
> available in Debian testing (mine is abyss 2.0.2-3) so I decided not to file
> a bug report, because "ABYSS-P" is present in that version:

Ahhh, yes, your are right.  I was a bit in a hurry.  What I can do at
least is providing a backport for Stretch.
> > Definitely not.  But I'm very sorry, I have no idea how packages are
> > propagating to Ubuntu and why this is missing. :-(
> Actually, I think it probably is a manifestation of the same problem: Some
> packages are not imported automatically into Ubuntu from Debian testing. I
> can make a 'sync' request but, this is not a Debian issue!

Seems so and it seems you are right that abyss and metaphlan2 are really
the same issue in this respect.
> Maybe we can have a chat about the sync failure in Vilnius?

Hmmmm, I can only repeat what I said:  I simply have no idea about the
Ubuntu sync mechanism and the best thing we could do is to invite some
Ubuntu people to our sprint.  My knowledge is that they are forking
unstable at some point in time but I neither know when this point in
time is nor why packages are excluded.  If someone might be able to find
out that point in time for the fork we could try to check before whether
our packages are in a good shape - but that's all hidden knowledge to
me and I have no spare cycles to care in addition for Ubuntu (but would
love if somebody else take over this job).

Kind regards



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