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Re: Bug#922010: RFS: libmurmurhash 1.3

I don't know why this was being discussed on a RT unblock bug (it should be
moved elsewhere really, so just adding the bug in Bcc)

On 11/02/2019 16:53, Fabian Klötzl wrote:
> Long Description: PMurHash comes with a few functions e.g. "PMurHash32_Process"
> which I use internally, but I don't want to support. The true API of
> libmurmurhash consists of six functions "prefixed with lmmh_ or MurmurHash3_.
> Only these functions appear in the header supplied by the -dev package. As they
> are the public interface, only they should appear in the symbols file, right?

If you have some symbols that can't be declared 'static' because they are used
internally by different objects, then those will be exposed in your ELF binary
by default, even if they are not declared in your public headers. The way to
limit what is exposed in the binary in these cases is to tell libtool to only
export 'lmmh_*' symbols with the -export-symbols-regex option, see:


Add that to your lib and compare the output of `nm -D libmurmurhash.so' before
and after building with that option.


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