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Re: RFS: libmurmurhash 1.3

Hi Fabian,

On Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 03:19:42PM +0100, Fabian Klötzl wrote:
> The latest version should fix the few remaining build issues on big-endian
> systems.

Thanks a lot.  Due to a racing condition of my attempt to get mash into
testing by asking ftpmaster for removal of missing architectures I
managed to disappoint ftpmaster.  I hope this will settle now and the
latest version of mash will make it into testing anyway.

> Furthermore, I added some man page links. I also wanted to remove
> some private functions from the .symbols file. However, that resulted in a
> lintian error.

Could you be more verbose about what you did and what lintian error was
issued?  Normally you do not simply remove symbols vrom the .symbols
file manually.  You should rather declare the interface private inside
the code and update the symbols file.  However, when deleting symbols
this is considered an ABI change and you need to bump the SOVERSION
(even if we can probably safely assume in practice that this ABI is not
yet used widely we should do things correctly).  I'd recommend to take
over my automake patches directly into your upstream distribution since
this should simplify this sort of things.

> So if, as per the documentation, someone wants to “discuss
> with upstream to implement a version script to fix this,” go ahead. ☺

"Discuss with upstream" is nice. ;-)
So my advise to upstream is:

   1. Declare the private functions really private
   2. Use Automake
   3. Bump SONAME if the resulting lib has changed / removed symbols

Please note:  Bumping SONAME also means changing the package name and
thus trying another round inside new queue.  While currently ftpmaster
is incredibly quick I've seen relion sitting there for longer than
expected due to the same reason (admittedly way more complex code to
review).  In any case the tour via new queue has a non-predictable delay
time and may be we wait until mash has migrated to testing before doing

Kind regards



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