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Re: autopkgtest regression: Segmentation fault

On Fri, Nov 16, 2018 at 07:28:21AM +0100, Emmanuel Promayon wrote:
> Thanks to the (great work) of Gert  on vtk7 and gdcm packages, version
> 7.1.1+dfsg1-9 of vtk7 and version 2.8.8-2 of gdcm are now both in testing.
> I sent a retry request for the autopkgtest of camitk version 4.1.2-2 but it
> naturally failed as camitk 4.1.2-2 was built with the problematic version of
> gdcm (error was at run time: "libvtkRenderingFreeTypeFontConfig-7.1.so.7.1:
> cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory").

This is the signature of an ABI break not correctly handled.

> Would it possible for someone with the right credentials to ask for a
> complete rebuild of camitk 4.1.2-2? (or please let me know if I am wrong
> thinking that it is not the right course of actions!)

That's not the right action to take (or better, not only).  That
situation must not happen, so most likely some versioned dependency or
versioned break was missed somewhere.  Maybe Paul has more insight on
the problem (I just read this single email and wanted to block a
"simple" rebuild)

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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