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Re: autopkgtest regression: Segmentation fault

Dear Paul, Gert and all,

Thanks to the (great work) of Gert  on vtk7 and gdcm packages, version 7.1.1+dfsg1-9 of vtk7 and version 2.8.8-2 of gdcm are now both in testing. I sent a retry request for the autopkgtest of camitk version 4.1.2-2 but it naturally failed as camitk 4.1.2-2 was built with the problematic version of gdcm (error was at run time: "libvtkRenderingFreeTypeFontConfig-7.1.so.7.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory").

Would it possible for someone with the right credentials to ask for a complete rebuild of camitk 4.1.2-2? (or please let me know if I am wrong thinking that it is not the right course of actions!)

Thank you again to Gert and Paul,

Best regards

[1] https://ci.debian.net/data/autopkgtest/testing/amd64/c/camitk/1322100/log.gz

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