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Re: TR: Debian has RRID SCR_006638

Hi Dylan,

On 5/2/18 10:31 PM, Dylan Aïssi wrote:
> Hi all,
> 2018-04-25 12:21 GMT+02:00 Fabien Pichon <fabien.pichon@omictools.com>:
>> As I said in my previous e-mail : YOU tell me what you want WE publish.
>> It is YOUR communication **NOT** OMICtools' one.
I looked at that blog and do not think that a list of packages fits
there. It is no story that one wants to read as a biologically inclined
user. I suggest to wait for publications on that blog once we are at a
workflow level.

Another concern of mine is that if it is that routine publications of
Debian-related work we should have on Debian's infrastructure. So, I am
happy to contribute a shortish article about what we are doing for
publication on our collaborator's blog, but that should not be a mere
list of packages.

>> I just offered a "media" support after an Andreas' suggestion. No more.
>> You should maybe discuss all together in Debian Med about what you want
>> OMICtools can do, and just come back to me when you all agreed.
>> Thanks,
> So, using the script from Andreas, I generated a list for March and
> April (only 1 package for April, it can probably be merged with
> March).
> The list is available here [1]. From the 22 new packages, I excluded 4
> of them because they are not really new (renamed or the team became
> maintainer). 4 other R packages are excluded because not relevant for
> the OMICtools public (they are some dependencies of other packages). I
> am undecided for 3 other R packages (r-cran-rwave, r-cran-waveslim and
> r-cran-wavethresh), any opinion is welcome.

That is actually an interesting story in itself. For these renames etc
it is why one needs the RRIDs. At the moment, the linking from OMICtools
to Debian is done via the URL of the package tracker's page. It would be
nice if we could have that tracker page also find a package by its RRID
- but then again, I am busy and I do not know if our community is ready
to accept these external identifiers everywhere, yet. It may for
instance be more important for our Debian at large to reference the name
of the same package in RedHat or SuSE than to refer to an external resource.

> They are 11 packages which seem interesting to be announced on the
> OMICtools newsletter. As the name of a package does mean nothing, I
> propose to add the short description of the package. No interest to
> mention the version here. Maybe guys from OMICtools can add a link to
> the related page of the package on their website if people want more
> information.
> If everybody agree, I will add the short description and I will send
> them to Fabien.
And you want to do that every month? Or you want to read that as an
OMICgroups user every month? Package-lists are the very expertise of
OMICtools and they clearly stated that they do not want to publish these
themselves - let us find something else to blog about. How about a tool
indicating the coverage of Debian Med, Debichem and Debian Science in
OMICtools over time?
> PS: many steps are done manually to generate this list, but does not
> matter, we can progressively automate that.
> [1] https://salsa.debian.org/daissi-guest/list_new_debian-med/blob/master/list_new_debian-med_2018-03_and_2018-0

Hm. I did not have access to that page.



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