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Update samtools+htslib (Was: htslib: version 1.8 drops symbol cram_nop_decode_reset without bumping soversion)


On Sun, Apr 29, 2018 at 02:47:08PM +0200, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> > 
> > What do you think about my alternative suggestion to reintroduce the
> > function (which is empty anyway)?
> If like they said it wasn't exposed in an installed header, I probably
> wouldn't bother.

I've uploaded htslib as well as samtools 1.8 to experimental.  Since
python-pysam is currently not building with these (needs to investigate
why - tests using libcurl are failing, which could be some issue with
trying to fetch files from remote) this needs to be sorted out before
transitioning to unstable.

Kind regards



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