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Re: TR: Debian has RRID SCR_006638

Hi all,

2018-04-25 12:21 GMT+02:00 Fabien Pichon <fabien.pichon@omictools.com>:
> As I said in my previous e-mail : YOU tell me what you want WE publish.
> It is YOUR communication **NOT** OMICtools' one.
> I just offered a "media" support after an Andreas' suggestion. No more.
> You should maybe discuss all together in Debian Med about what you want
> OMICtools can do, and just come back to me when you all agreed.
> Thanks,

So, using the script from Andreas, I generated a list for March and
April (only 1 package for April, it can probably be merged with
The list is available here [1]. From the 22 new packages, I excluded 4
of them because they are not really new (renamed or the team became
maintainer). 4 other R packages are excluded because not relevant for
the OMICtools public (they are some dependencies of other packages). I
am undecided for 3 other R packages (r-cran-rwave, r-cran-waveslim and
r-cran-wavethresh), any opinion is welcome.

They are 11 packages which seem interesting to be announced on the
OMICtools newsletter. As the name of a package does mean nothing, I
propose to add the short description of the package. No interest to
mention the version here. Maybe guys from OMICtools can add a link to
the related page of the package on their website if people want more

If everybody agree, I will add the short description and I will send
them to Fabien.


PS: many steps are done manually to generate this list, but does not
matter, we can progressively automate that.

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/daissi-guest/list_new_debian-med/blob/master/list_new_debian-med_2018-03_and_2018-04.csv

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