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Re: Bio-Linux vs Debian-Med package lists [update]

Hi Tony,

I just commited the following change:

diff --git a/debian-med_missings.txt b/debian-med_missings.txt
index bdd6826..53add22 100644
--- a/debian-med_missings.txt
+++ b/debian-med_missings.txt
@@ -156,13 +156,8 @@ r-bioc-zlibbioc:
   - Debian has r-bioc-deseq2 is r-bioc-deseq really needed?
 r-bioc-bitseq: (ITP #892522)
-r-bioc-pcamethods: (ITP #892524)
 r-cran-aplpack: (ITP #892476)
-r-cran-rwave: (ITP #892478)
 r-cran-samr: (ITP #892498)
-r-cran-snowfall: (ITP #892501)
-r-cran-waveslim: (ITP #892506)
-r-cran-wavethresh: (ITP #892513)
   - All missing R packages in new queue
   - can not be packaged due to license issues -> http://bugs.debian.org/731599

The R packages were just accepted by ftpmaster.  While r-bioc-pcamethods
was added to med-bio task I added the other four R packages to
med-statistics since I fail to see any direct relevance to biology.
Please let me know if you want these to show up in biology anyway.

Te other R packages

 r-bioc-bitseq: (ITP #892522)
 r-cran-aplpack: (ITP #892476)
 r-cran-samr: (ITP #892498)

remain in new queue and will be processed hopefully soon.

Kind regards



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