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Re: What registry is biii?

Hi Matus,

On Tue, Mar 20, 2018 at 03:36:14PM +0100, Matus Kalas wrote:
> BIII or biii (whichever you like more) is https://www.biii.eu/, the registry
> of software for biomage informatics. We added these couple of links with
> Steffen in the last Sprint.

Thanks for the quick response.  Can we agree that each new registry should be
documented to a bare minimum here:


Besides mentioning it in the example I would love to have links to the
according registries.  The thing is: The fields are parsed by UDD (and
may be other consumers in the future) and thus should be properly
documented.  Adding something new has no effect since the parsers are not
aware about this addition and the data are not used until properly

Kind regards



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