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Re: [Outreachy Round 16 ] rsem autopkgtest bug.890792

Dear Kate,

On Wed, Mar 14, 2018 at 07:29:57PM +0200, Kalou.Katerina wrote:
> I have committed the autopkgtest for the rsem package ( bug 890792). Except
> from the test files, i included an example directory with two test data.

I confirm that the test is working in principle.
> I did some searching to find data that are not that heavy - as the ones
> proposed by the package are almost 1 Gb.  I included the download source
> link i found in the README.test. However, i worry that there might be a
> problem that the link refers to a Dropbox folder. I had to sign in with my
> google account to download.

I did not need to give any password when using the wget command you
provided in debian/README.test.  However, we probably need some licence
to use and distribute this data set if we want to include it into the
package.  May be somebody here on this list has some hint for a place
that is more verbose about this and has a more sustainable place for
download than some (random?) dropbox folder.

> The autopkgtest now is testing the very basic functionality of Rsem
> building references from the given Ensembl mouse transcripts. I would like
> to keep on working on this and try to provide some more tests of higher
> level functions like model visualisation. What do you think?

The more testing we can do the better.  From a packaging point of view
we need to split up the package into rsem and rsem-example  binary
packages since there is no point in bloating general users machines with
large data sets.  I'd happily volunteer to do this split once we decide
about the data set - but if you want to do this as some packaging
training you are welcome to do it yourself (just let me know what you
> Also, i have started compiling the application for the 16th Outreachy
> round. One of the prerequisites is to provide a potential time schedule of
> the future work - Andreas, could i send you a draft and tell me what you
> think?

Sure.  Just send me whatever you might need help in.

> Thanks for the help!

You are welcome



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