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[Outreachy Round 16 ] rsem autopkgtest bug.890792

Dear all, dear Andreas,

I have committed the autopkgtest for the rsem package ( bug 890792). Except from the test files, i included an example directory with two test data.

I did some searching to find data that are not that heavy - as the ones proposed by the package are almost 1 Gb.  I included the download source link i found in the README.test. However, i worry that there might be a problem that the link refers to a Dropbox folder. I had to sign in with my google account to download.

The autopkgtest now is testing the very basic functionality of Rsem building references from the given Ensembl mouse transcripts. I would like to keep on working on this and try to provide some more tests of higher level functions like model visualisation. What do you think?

Also, i have started compiling the application for the 16th Outreachy round. One of the prerequisites is to provide a potential time schedule of the future work - Andreas, could i send you a draft and tell me what you think?

Thanks for the help!

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