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[autopkgtest 879622]

Dear all, 

I am sorry for the long absence / my PhD thesis is almost finished but it took almost all my time the last month! ;)

I have pushed an new test suite for autopkgtest for the macs package. Any comments and corrections will be much welcome!! In my linux machine the 'autopkgtest -- null' command reports a pass.

In the example folder i have put two sample data that i managed to found at 'https://github.com/arq5x/bedtools2'. These two files are '.BED' file extensions. The example at the macs package install instructions is using the 'BAM' extension , if anyone has any recommendation on where to find these, it will be much appreciated!! :)

Finally , i included the files 'README.test',  'macs-example-data.install' and 'macs.install', taking inspiration from the previous packages like rapmap i worked on. The purpose was to send the examples folder to the 'usr/share/doc' directory during installation , i do not know if i did it right!

Thank you for all the help!!

Kind regards,

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