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Re: bug_879616 [rapmap_autopkgtest]

Hi Kate,

On Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 10:11:52PM +0200, Kalou.Katerina wrote:
> Thank you so much for your help! And your patience!! :)

You are welcome.

> Yes, you are absolutely right. It took a while but finally the actual way
> autopkgtest is working has started to 'sink in'


> > I think to finalise the test it would make sense to compare the test
> > result with the result that was obtained at compile time.  Would you
> > mind adding this to confirm that you understood the principle and the
> > changes I did?
> I added also the second test needed , please let me know if that is what
> you had in mind!

Second test is fine.  What I had in mind was to keep the test results
which are calculated at build time into the data package as well (they
actually ended up there in my previous commits - now I have removed
these).  This could be compared with the result of autopkgtest.  I have
not implemented this idea but droped a note into README.test and
uploaded as is.

Thanks for your work on this.
>  If there is another package that urgently needs an autopkgtest let me
> know, i am open to suggestions
> ​!​
> Otherwise i was thinking to have my next try with mac package (bug n.
> 879622)

That's fine.  I'm not aware of any urgency.  I just filed the bugs to
give people like you an idea what migh be useful next - so feel free to
take it.  That would be really welcome.

Thanks again



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