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Re: bug_879616 [rapmap_autopkgtest]

Dear Andreas,

> To let this work you need the actual data files.  In "usual"
> autopkgtests you take these from the source directory.  However, in
> Debian Med we established a method where the user can run the test as a
> user example as well.  To approach this I added a new package which
> included the example data and adds the run-unit-test to this package
> (besides a README.test file).

Thank you so much for your help! And your patience!! :)
> As I said this is somehow wrong since in autopkgtest no compilation
> is needed.  I removed all this.  (Please also make sure you will not
> commit swap files ;-) )

Yes, you are absolutely right. It took a while but finally the actual way autopkgtest is working has started to 'sink in'

> I think to finalise the test it would make sense to compare the test
> result with the result that was obtained at compile time.  Would you
> mind adding this to confirm that you understood the principle and the
> changes I did?

I added also the second test needed , please let me know if that is what you had in mind!

 If there is another package that urgently needs an autopkgtest let me know, i am open to suggestions

Otherwise i was thinking to have my next try with mac package (bug n. 879622)

Thank you again!

Kind regards,

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