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Re: A common group on salsa.debian.org for R packages ?

Hi Frederic,

On Thu, Jan 11, 2018 at 10:45:30AM +0000, PICCA Frederic-Emmanuel wrote:
> >  The people who
> >  contributed to the decision (including me) consider the advantage
> >  to maintain R packages in a technical team higher than to keep
> >  everything in Debian Science.
> I am just wondering if it is not always better to put packages in under the language team umbrella.
> For exemple to put all the python modules from Debian-science into the Debian Python Team.

You have a point definitely but the according language team needs to
agree to take over those packages.  For instance I'm currently working
on pandas (#884294) and I clearly agree that somebody with more Python
competence should work on this.  But there is no volunteer obviously
(not even a response to the bug report so far).  There are just cases
where a language team explicitly refused to take a package.  Well, I
admit the people who care in Debian Science / Debian Med could join the
language team and use the repository there.  But in some cases it is not
really clear who cares - not always those who are listed as Uploader
care in practice and I'm personally reading lists with different
priorities.  So if I as a team member notice some problem in a package
which obviously needs help (for instance pandas repeatedly) I will
notice way earlier if it is in a list I'm reading with higher priority.
> It is not clear to me how to draw a line between Debian Science vs Language Team, when it comes to choose the team for a new package.

In short: There is no such rule to draw a line.

Kind regards



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