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Re: A common group on salsa.debian.org for R packages ?

Hi Boris,

On Thu, Jan 11, 2018 at 12:34:05PM +0300, Boris Pek wrote:
> Sorry for a late reply to this thread. But I am wondering: why have you
> decided to make a separate Salsa group instead of making of special
> subgroup in Debian Science Team group?

Some additional arguments in addition to what Charles said:

  * There were R packages from different teams (Debian Science and
    Debian Med currently, DebiChem also has R packages which are
    not yet merged).  We want to have a common R team.

  * In Debian there are somehow topic based teams (some are organised
    as Blends like Debian Science and Debian Med) and technique (mostly
    programming language) based teams (Python, Perl, etc.)  In many
    cases you can argue whether a package belongs to a certain topic
    (or in which of the several potential topics) or the technical team.
    While R is clearly science oriented Debian Science might be the
    natural place but R is also a programming language.  The people who
    contributed to the decision (including me) consider the advantage
    to maintain R packages in a technical team higher than to keep
    everything in Debian Science. 

Kind regards



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