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Re: A common group on salsa.debian.org for R packages ?

>>  Sorry for a late reply to this thread. But I am wondering: why have you
>>  decided to make a separate Salsa group instead of making of special
>>  subgroup in Debian Science Team group?
> Some additional arguments in addition to what Charles said:
>   * There were R packages from different teams (Debian Science and
>     Debian Med currently, DebiChem also has R packages which are
>     not yet merged). We want to have a common R team.
>   * In Debian there are somehow topic based teams (some are organised
>     as Blends like Debian Science and Debian Med) and technique (mostly
>     programming language) based teams (Python, Perl, etc.) In many
>     cases you can argue whether a package belongs to a certain topic
>     (or in which of the several potential topics) or the technical team.
>     While R is clearly science oriented Debian Science might be the
>     natural place but R is also a programming language. The people who
>     contributed to the decision (including me) consider the advantage
>     to maintain R packages in a technical team higher than to keep
>     everything in Debian Science.

I see. Thanks for an explanation.

Best regards,

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