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Re: Please clarify license of LAMARC

Hi Andreas,

A corrected source tarball is on the Lamarc web site.

Thanks again, and feel free to write if I can be of any help!


On Wed, 3 Jan 2018, Andreas Tille wrote:

Hi Mary,

On Wed, Jan 03, 2018 at 11:11:58AM -0800, Mary Kuhner wrote:
I have corrected the copyright/license text throughout and applied
most of your patches.  I don't feel I can apply the patches to use
the distribution Boost and Tinyxml as my users may not be on a
Linux that has them, but I'm perfectly happy if you do.

That's fine.  Probably not all patches I created were applicable for all
situations - it is fine if I keep them for Debian only.

I did disagree with one of your fixes--rather, it points out a place
where we omitted a standard error check.  I have put the error check in.

Perfect.  I would not claim that I did all things right - so I'm
happy if you found a better solution.

I can send you a tarball of the source directory, if that would be
helpful; I will try to do a release within the next few days.

Just drop me a note if the tarball is publicly available.  I'm not
really in a hurry and so it is better to simply use what is available

Thanks again for bringing this to my attention, not to mention getting
it into the distribution in the first place!

You are welcome.  In turn thanks a lot for your cooperation



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