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Re: New version of fast5 does not build

Hi Afif,

On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 01:33:55AM -0800, Afif Elghraoui wrote:
> >
> >I guess it should be not to hard to fix the clean target but I'm
> >wondering whether you might intend to continue on this.
> This new version, if I remember correctly, has made the example program into
> a production program, but that now has an additional dependency which is not
> packaged. I think this is the only difference from the current release. To
> feasibly handle this, I think we would need to make a multi-orig tarball
> with this new dependency (since it is from the same upstream and I believe
> no other program uses it anyway) and put this program into a new binary
> package.

OK, seems like something we want to do later (I'd prefer a separate
package for a separate download tarball since in the end this might be
easier to maintain - but nothing to do here for the moment whatever we
> > It would be
> >also nice to know which of the packages you are Uploader will be
> >uploaded in the next couple of days and where you would like to get
> >help.
> >
> falcon's new release fails autopkgtest, which I have not gotten around to
> debugging, so I have not uploaded it.

I'll have a look and let you know.

> python-avro's new release is a release candidate, which I do not consider
> suitable for Stable.

> python-cobra's new release has no user-visible changes and I do not consider
> it worth uploading. I believe I documented this in the UNRELEASED changelog.


> pbbam needs a patch to be reworked. This was a patch that I forwarded
> upstream, but was ignored, and the files were modified differently.

SO I'll leave it for you.
> sprai has a new release, but I wanted to include the autopkgtest with it in
> the next upload.

Seems you know better than me whet to do here as well.
> daligner/dazzdb/dascrubber probably have new upstream snapshots that need to
> be packaged.

OK, these do not create any singnal on my dashboard so I'll leave this
for now.

> I only really have time to work on these on weekends and I worked on some
> non-DebianMed packages last weekend.

Sure.  That's for most of us the normal situation.  I did not intended
to create any pressure - just wanted to coordinate a bit.  We do what we
manage to do and if some newer version is not ready than be it so.  I
just wanted to prevent that I might have used some spare cycles to
polish old software if some new might have pending tasks I could have
easily done.

> I will try to work on the onces I
> consider worth uploading this weekend. I was considering working on sprai a
> little earlier tonight, but that didn't happen.

That's fine.  Just ping here if you need assistance.

Kind regards


> >[1] https://udd.debian.org/dmd/?email1=debian-med-packaging@lists.alioth.debian.org&email2=&email3=&packages=&ignpackages=&format=html


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