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Re: understanding DICOM workflow

> When the ModalityWorkList plugin is loaded the Orthanc server
> gains the following capabilities:
> 	- watch a given path for files (which represent worklist entries in DICOM
> 	format)
> 	- when queried appropriately, return answers based on those files
> Is that correct ?


> If so I was wondering whether the ModalityWorkList plugin
> could be extended with one REST API call which would allow
> external applications to add *.wl worklist item files over
> the network rather than having to store them into the watched
> path directly. All the ModalityWorkList plugin would do is to
> accept such files and store them into the watched path.
> Sound reasonable ?

Yes. The only problem would be to remove the worklist once the device has uploaded its acquisition to Orthanc (which will necessitate a custom "OnChange" callback watching DICOM files entering Orthanc), or if GNUmed invalidates some worklist.

However, I currently have no time to work on this extension of the ModalityWorklists plugin.


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