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understanding DICOM workflow


I work in a hospital and I would like to see whether it is pssible to
migrate our departments DICOM workflow to OSS.

I am quite new to internal DICOM stuff, sorry.

What I would like to do:

We have four ultrasound maschines which can be connected to a DICOM
server. It would be nice to create an worklist so the examiner can chose
the patient's name on the maschine.

The pictures taken during an examination schould been stored in some
archive (PACS). We would like to write down thhe findings an store them
together with the images of an examination.

I just tried to connect one of our ultraound devices to Orthanc and
could recieve the images. Very nice.

I didn't figure out whether I can create a worklist.

I suppose I cannot describe the findings using orthanc.

I am not sure what DICOM-storage to use for good reliabilty and

I am pretty clueless to the concepts behind it. Sorry.

Would you mind to give me any hints how to get a clue, do you have
suggestions of any packages I might consider to complete my task?

Thank you very much,


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