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Re: understanding DICOM workflow

On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 09:22:49AM +0100, Sébastien Jodogne wrote:

>>> I didn't figure out whether I can create a worklist.
> Orthanc can serve DICOM worklists through its
> "ModalityWorklists" official plugin [4], in a similar fashion
> than DCMTK's wlmscpfs. This plugin is available in the
> Orthanc official distribution, and is installed with the
> Debian "orthanc" package. The process of creating a worklist
> is documented is FAQ #37 of DCMTK [5]: The "*.wl" files that
> result from this process can be served by Orthanc's
> ModalityWorklits plugin.

Hello Sébastien,

I have got two questions regarding this plugin:

1) Are you planning to provide something like this (pseudocode):

	curl PUT SERVER:worklist/WORLIST_NAME/worklist_file?data=data_of_worklist_file.wl

	That way, external software (like GNUmed) can submit worklist entries.

or even

2) Is there any chance to support (pseudocode)

	curl PUT SERVER:server/create-worklist_entry?data={name=..., gender=..., modality:..., worklist=..., ...}

	In other words hiding the creation of a worklist file
	behind a REST API call.

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